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We are two highly skilled government authorised translators with extensive experience, both in translation and from daily work and administration in multiple sectors, including abroad. We have 20-30 years of experience in translation work for Norwegian government agencies as well as several major industrial companies in Norway and abroad, and a wide range of other organisations in the public and private sectors.

Marte Solberg


Education and experience:

Marte Solberg

  • MSc in Business and Cand. Merc. (postgraduate exam) in English from NHH Norwegian School of Economics, with specialisation in translation and terminology.
  • Worked as a translator since 1996, national translator accreditation exam the same year
  • Extensive experience as a translator for multiple companies in industry, oil and gas and commerce, including Norsk Hydro, Equinor, Reitangruppen, Deloitte, Powerhouse and SAPA.
  • Former board member of the Association of Government Authorized Translators in Norway (STF)
  • Formerly employed as a translator for Norsk Hydro's communications department for three years, then as regular supplier.
  • Consultant within economic research and studies at ECON Senter for økonomisk analyse a.s. Primarily business economics analyses.
  • Lecturer and coordinator for the evening class “English business terminology” at the Norwegian School of Economics' Learning Centre.
  • Position as research fellow in the English section, Language Institute, NHH.                                                                              

Rebecca Segebarth

  • American, speaks fluent Norwegian, 30+ years in Norway
  • Extensive and varied work experience, e.g. from a law firm and accounting firm in the US, as well as oil and energy
  • Worked as a translator since 1995, national translator accreditation exam in 1997, interpreter
  • Esso Exploration and Production, Norway – Balder project and operations
  • Paul, Frank & Collins Inc. (law firm, personal assistant to senior partner), Vermont, USA
  • The Peyser Corp./D.K. Curle CPA (assistant in investment and accounting firm, Vermont, USA
  • Elf Petroleum Norway A.S – later Total E&P Norge – commercial and licence administration, translation of e.g. white papers, technical and commercial documents, corporate communication, legal documents and legal texts
  • TranslatørXpress/TX Translation AS – varied experience – petroleum tax, law, oil and gas, energy, technical documentation and operations
  • Self-employed as government authorised translator for customers including the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, BI, Enova, BAHR, various directorates and ministries and multiple oil and gas companies
  • Former board member/chair of the Association of Government Authorized Translators in Norway (STF)


Top Notch Translations AS aims to be an unconventional language provider. We will deliver texts of the utmost quality, and will distinguish ourselves in the market based on:

Solid professional expertise

Extensive experience

Uncompromising quality

Engagement and interest

Good understanding of the importance of language as a communication tool

Business concept

We will deliver translations, primarily to businesses and organisations, and chiefly in the language combination Norwegian-English-Norwegian. We will be perceived as an effective, professional and accessible supplier with a quality mindset that exceeds expectations.


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