Our core activity is translation from English to Norwegian and from Norwegian to English – based on mother tongue and professional background. 

We can also provide other language combinations through a network of experienced professionals/translators we know and trust.


Our core activity is translation from English to Norwegian and from Norwegian to English – based on mother tongue and professional background. We have first-hand familiarity with several sectors and possess a cross-cultural sensibility which ensures a good result. We can also handle other language combinations as needed through a network of translators and technical translators we know and trust.

Added value

Feedback on source texts, and input on word choices and terminology are natural supplementary services that can provide significant added value. Working on a translation involves delving deep into the content, which can often bring to light inconsistencies and potential improvements the client may not otherwise see.

Other services

We can also provide other language services as needed, such as language editing, mother tongue vetting, as well as translation of texts that require certification (stamping) by government authorised translators. We can assist in developing and clarifying standard terminology for specific customers and/or projects. We can also assist in providing interepreters for conferences or special events.



We match assignments and translator(s) based on in-depth knowledge of the respective language professionals’ experience and skill set. We also take this into consideration when we put together teams for larger assignments or customers – our work philosophy is based on always having one responsible/primary translator plus at least one proof-reader/quality assurance resource. Our translations are based on a high level of competence and mother-tongue expertise. We have experience from many types of projects, large and small, and we are equipped to handle large volumes of text. Additional language combinations are also available.

Typical assignments

Corporate communication, news/newsletters, press releases, annual reports, quarterly reporting, policy documents, board of directors info and documents, investment decisions, petroleum tax, all types of legal documents, contracts, investigation reports, HSE and HR-related documents, ethical guidelines, licensing rounds and documentation, technical manuals, operations manuals, plans for development and operation/installation (PDO/PIO)


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